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National TV am breakfast Interview - 11/04/19
An interview with Lithunanian national TV
Baltic Masters Master class by Alan Coxon - 27/03/19
Baltic Master with famous chef Alan Coxon. On April 3 at 11 am, Master Class training will take place at the Baltic Master gastro kitchen, along with a guest - famous chef from Britain - Alan Coxon. Alan has been cooperating with the BBC for over twenty years and has created over 1250 culinary and travel shows and shows. Food Archeologist, Culinary Consultant, Kitchen Innovator, British Kitchen Ambassador, International TEDx Conference Lecturer, Moderator, Culinary Authors, International Judge, Award Winning Chef. Alan Coxon is announced as BBC TOP 10 TV's Best Chef in the World. His interest in cuisine and deep culinary knowledge inspired many chefs around the world. Alan has produced culinary innovations for kings, queens and celebrities, who have won numerous awards for their books. During the event, the menu will be presented specifically for this meeting. Read more about Alan Coxon: Organizers: Baltic Master Lithuania, E-Gastro Lithuania, British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, Lietuvos grilio ir barbekių asociacija. Ticket price: 40 Euro. Contact information: +37061476156, hashtag#masterclass hashtag#alancoxon hashtag#BALTICMASTER
20th Anniversary celebration of the BCC in Lithuania - 27/03/19
Delighted to be participating in the celebrations of the 20th Birthday celebrations of the British Chamber of Ciommerce in Lithuania
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Briexit Cheese - 27/03/19
I am delighted to announce the creation of my latest products in the form of Brexit Cheese.
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Dining in Serbia - 19/01/19
Dinning in Serbia
Embassy Events Supporting the GREAT campaign - 18/01/19
Mexico: Official lunches for the ambassador and members of Mexican parliament, a VIP function for 700 global authors, 2 local catering college events using and training the students, also ran the Hilton hotel for a “British Week” and delivered numerous talks and media interviews.   

India : Cookery demonstrations to Local catering college students, delivered a British themed restaurant week at the Taj hotel , delivered 2 lunches for the British High commissioner and guests, delivered a buffet gala dinner for 300 promoting British food and fashion. 

 Bulgaria x 2 : An intimate press and media lunch with the Ambassador to promote British food, trained Embassy chefs/cooks, delivered a lunch for local buyers, retailers and distributers , a filmed cookery demonstration to 500 at the local shopping precinct and a cookery demonstration at the Bulgarian food festival. ( funding came from in-house staff training budget)
 Slovenia x 2 : Created a British themed buffet with 10 dishes to celebrate 10 years anniversary of British Chambers in Slovenia, working with chefs from a local restaurant, delivered a buffet brunch for an Ambassador event, delivered a cookery presentation at the Ambassador’s residence for buyers and retailers of local food stores, produced a British themed buffet for 300 at the theatre with the British philharmonic orchestra as well as a variety of TV and press media interviews. ( sponsored by three local business including Mercator supermarket group) 
Jamaica: Delivered a cookery demonstration with the Ambassador for a garden party canapé event for 150 , a cookery demonstration to a catering college and local chefs, and a TV cookery presentation for Jamaican morning TV show ( flights sponsored by British Airways).  

France: Delivered a dinner for 50 guests for the British Ambassador at the residency in Paris France. The guests included French and British food buyers, retailers, distributers and producers to introduce British ingredients and help promote export opportunities .
British Embassy Event Paris - 18/01/19
In 2018 I had the immense pleasure of cooking for a variety of Ambassadors, VIP`s and foodies , cooking in locations such as...

The British Embassy in Paris.

An event and dinner ( festival of flavours) for 50 food producers ,importers and exporters , where the aim was to highlight British ingredients and brands within a formal menu set in the stunning surroundings of the British Embassy. 

I had the pleasure of working with the established culinary brigade of 4 in the Embassy kitchens where the likes of the Roux brothers worked for a number of years as well as George le Blanc . The Embassy placed in the heart of Paris off the Champs Elysee has the President of France for a neighbour. The building itself was the former home to the sister of Napoleon Bonaparte and who sold it to the Duke of Wellington after the battle of waterloo, once his private estate it became the residence of the British Ambassadors thereafter. 
Speaking events Kiev, Taiwan,Serbia, Brussels Monte Carlo. - 17/01/19
In 2017  

November/December 2017 :I had the great pleasure of speaking at the "Creative Chefs Summit" in Kiev (Ukraine)  This was an hour speech to 800 Ukrainian, Russian and Eastern bloc chefs.

I Also headed to Taiwan to give a talk on the judging process for the iTQi of Brussels on the Olerific and gustatory assessment process. This was to 500 Taiwanese food and beverage producers.   

and I delivered an hour speech at the Belgrade food show to 300 Serbian food producers looking at developing or improving product for home and export markets.   
Filming with 14 International and Michelin star chefs - 19/03/18
Just completed filming 26 shows with 14 International chefs and unquestionably some of the best culinary talent around!.

For once I was not in front of the camera but instead the creator, producer and director of the shoot, putting together what I hope will be some ground breaking cookery shows that will stimulate both the eye and the mind.
I will be releasing the short films in April so please keep your eyes peeled !
Attilus Caviar - 19/11/17
I am delighted to announce that I am now consulting and assisiting Attilis caviar enter the global market place in both retail and the hospitality sectors.
Attilius have a fantastic product at the right price, has stong interest in sustainability and hygiene as well as a passion for fast and efficient service. Should you wish for further details , please do not hesitate to drop me a line   

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