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iTQi Awards - 27/04/10
Chef Alan Coxon has joined the line up of international culinary stars ,as a member of the iTQi ( international taste and Quality institute ) judging panel. The panel consists of 60 major names from the culinary world holding a galaxy of Michelin stars between them  , all joined together to taste an array of ingredients from around the world for  the iTQi awards. The 3 day tasting and judging event was held in Brussels and each food product was judged with strict and rigorous procedures taking a mix of hedonic and analytical approaches ,where all the senses are used to select the very best the world has to offer. Alan is delighted to be associated and apart of the judges  and  was the only English / British chef representing the UK . Other chefs present include the executive chef of the “Ritz hotel in Paris “, the exec chef of the “Jules Vern” restaurant at the “Eiffel Tower”  Paris , the Greek culinary Olympic team leader ,the presidents of the Italian, Belge, German  and Swiss chefs associations, Several Maielleur Ouvriers de France , Arets Kock of Sweden to name but a few, formed the incredible  line up. Alan also took the opportunity to submit his own product consisting of the unique Mediaeval Old English “Ale-Gar” ( of which of course  he did not judge !!) becoming both the judge and the judged !Alan is still unaware of who tasted and judged his Ale-Gar within the group due to the strict tasting and testing procedures ,and is nervously awaiting the results and comments from his peers. Alan stated that  “  it is certainly a great deal less stressful being a judge rather than being judged ! and I can easily sympathise and appreciate the pressure and stress that any company or individual submitting a product is going through .I am looking forward to the results and naturally would like to be amongst the elite that receives a potential one, two or three star award .In the meantime I can only state that as a judge, the products I sampled and blind tasted ( 40 items per day ) were extremely diverse and ranged from a lemon scented cod liver oil ( surprisingly good ) to a less desirable soup !”.The experience of participating as a judge is certainly an honour and a privilege “ . Alan also had the pleasure of appearing and being interviewed on a variety of  French and Belgium TV channels and whilst Alan has a host of TV shows to his credit including BBC2 Ever Wondered about Food, Coxon`s Royal Feast, Coxon`s Sporting Feast and regular guest Chef presenter on UKTV Food to name but a few, this was the first time he had done TV in French!. 
cookery for schools - 19/03/10
I am currently helping a regional school with creating greater interest and awareness of cooking food and ingredients.
The kids are very enthusiastic and positive, sadly it is the lack of finances that we need to get over in order to make cooking healthy fresh food accessable to all whilst supporting the positive growth of our next generation .
The school is developing a cookbook that is aimed at drawing in the parents to develop some interaction , cooking awareness and simple techniques , and I aim to put some fun into the learning process at the same time through demonstrations at the school and a few small groups/classes  of training .
The school is in need of a few sponsers to help cover the cost of printing the book, so if you are able to assist, please do not hesitate to drop me a line.

Many thanks
Now on Twitter - 12/02/10
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Historic Vinaigres and Ale-gar - 12/02/10
My historic ranges are now available in leading stores in Sweden, Germany ,Austria, Hong Kong, South Africa , Denmark,Spain, USA, Hungary and Portugal.
Ale-Gar and Historic Vinaigres in US headlines - 08/01/10
After an initial visit and launch of my historic vinaigres /mediaeval Ale-Gar  in Florida late last year, the three products are making headlines in the Herald Tribune !
Shortlisted finalist for the Midlands Business person of the year award 2010 - 29/12/09
I am delighted to announce that I have been nominated for "Midlands Business person of the year 2010"
I feel extremely  privileged and needless to say delighted by arriving within the judges final selection .
I am also delighted to say that looking at the other competitors shortlisted for this ward ,it must have been a very difficult task to arrive at a final decision .
Such competition highlights the skill that we have within the Midlands region , and such an award helps to raise the awareness of the quality business and skills this region has to offer.
There is no denying that to take the winning trophy is of paramount importance to me, as I am naturally competitive by nature, and such a result I hope may help within the growth and expansion of my business .
The evening I am sure will be a tense occasion , but a pleasure and an honour to be included within the line up of quality contenders.
The results will be announced at the end of January 2010 
new pilot "The Food archaeologist" - 17/12/09
A new TV pilot show "The Food Archaeologist " filmed in Normandy France is now available to all TV companies interested in a new food show and format.
Please call or drop me a line on 01386 830299 e-mail if interested in viewing copy .
Winner of the Annuga Innovations award 2009 - 17/10/09
The Annuga trade fair in Germany was a great success, and I am delighted to inform you that the Historic Vinaigres won the "Annuga innovation award 2009" . According to statistics just in,  there were approx 153,500 visitors from 180 countries .
There were 6,522 exhibitors from 97 countries, .
The  historic Vinaigre  range was the only British product to win an  award at the  show and with thousands of entries submitted into the awards, I am delighted that my  products were selected.
900 attend Alan`s cookery demonstration - 06/10/09
This years " East Middlands Food festival " was a huge success for Alan , his first time at this event.
Over 900 people piled into the cookery theatre to watch Alan entertain the crowds as he took the audience on a culinary and historical journey and back again ! wowing them with his surf and Turf , Damson souffle and 5 minute Key Lime Pie ( recipes available on his recipe page ).
Alan also had a stand at the event offering tastes of his unique historic food range as well as signing his Ready in Minutes cookbook . 
Alan pulls in the crowd at Chatsworth Food Festival - 07/09/09
Despite heavy rains in the build up to  Chatsworth Country fair ( 4th - 6th September ) the crowds turned out in their thousands .
Alan pulled out all the stops during his 3 culinary demonstrations, entertaining the packed culinary theatre in his fun , interactive and creative style blending scientific facts with his insatiable love of historic food originations . 
Alan was also present thoughout the three days signing his cookbook and serving customers his award winning historic vinegar range at his food stand.