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NEW on-line store now open! - 25/04/13
I am delighted to announce that my new on-line store is now up and open ! has been developed to help shop, navigate and enjoy, simply, cleanly and efficiently.
Whilst the quality of the historic food range remains the same, I hope that the advanced modern technology meetsa with your approval and a pure case of the Old and New working perfectly hand in hand!. 
Many thanks to all old and new customers alike for your continued support.
iTQi awards - 22/03/13
Have just entered my "Cold Pressed Virgin Macadamia Nut Oil" into the iTQi awards Brussels.   Only 5 days left for food producers to register.

A superior taste award, blind tasted by 65 International and Michelin star chefs from across Europe.
International Lifestyle mag now out - 13/03/13
International lifestyle mag new issue now out... 
Transmission date announced for NEW TV series - 05/03/13
I am delighted to announce that my new TV series "From Birmingham to Bombay " will be screened on Food Network UK as from August 19th - 23rd , starting at 9.30 am and repeated throughout the day.
The series looks at 5 of the UK`s most popular curries including the Tandoori, Korma, Rogan Josh, Madras and Vindaloo, visitng 7 locations across India in search of the history and origination of these curries as well as the spices used within them. 
I also go head to head with 5 Indian chefs to assertain if the Indian curry is any different to that of the British version and assertain if one is better than than the other ! 
I hope that you can join me !
London Store ! - 19/02/13
My historic food range will be launched at Partridges store, Sloan square, London this Saturday 23rd Feb , do come along to taste and say hello.
Products to be made available include the uique multi award winning Mediaeval Old English Ale -Gar, Roman and Ancient Greek Vinaigres as well as the newly launched Macadamia nut oil , one of the healthiset oils in the world !.
Web stats and news - 15/02/13
In January 2013 I recieved 32,224 visitors.
Last year I had over 370,000 visitors in total .
With some exciting news and developments coming up I am hoping that you will be a regular visitor to this site.
Many thanks for visiting, your interest and support it is much appreciated.

business opportunity - 17/01/13
As you may or may not know, I have created a globally unique multi award winning historic food range. 
The range took me over 10 years to create and develop and I have spent 4 years selling across the UK at quality food shows and game fairs.
I am now looking at Franchising this business to enable greater sales and opportunities. 
I am now offering an opportunity to own your own business and to sell a globally unique product range, meaning that not only will you be able to offer quality ( officially recognised by leading chefs and foodies winning 5 Gold Innovation and superior taste awards in the UK, Brussels and Germany) but the fact that you will never be in competition for the same product items. 
 Over the past 4 years I have tested the UK market and have developed a complete list of the quality shows in which to attend, shows that can bring sales with the right customer base.
I am wishing to help train and to ensure full support in selling the ranges and to help work with you to see sales growth and success.  

Attending food shows, whilst can be good fun with a chance to meet some wonderful people  can often be quite hard work so dedication ,passion, self motivation and drive is very much needed. 
 From my side, not only will I provide (UK) show lists and training I will also ensure that all products sold to you will be at the manufacturing base rate cost with a marginal product cost for shipping, storing ,and branding, and thus ensure a good opportunity to turn your sales into a potential income. 
Home much profit and income will be down to you.
If this is of interest then please do call or drop me a line to discuss further. 
I look forward to hearing from you 

Regards Alan     
tel +44 (0 )1386 830299   
iTQi in search of quality British Food producers - 15/01/13
 I am in search of quality British food and Beverage producers currently or hoping to  exporting or expand into the export markets, and offer entry into the iTQi ( International Taste and Quality Institute of Brussels ).

The iTQi is an international award and assessment scheme where food and Beverage  products are sampled and judged in a blind tasting by 65 international Michelin star chefs, and 60 International sommeliers, in one of the most rigorous and professional assessments known, and of which is carried out under strict exam conditions and where even the judges are themselves judged.

The iTQi is an independent Institute based in Brussels. Its goal is to identify products of the highest quality and help their producers be recognized and grow on an international platform. The Institute has evaluated thousands of consumer food and drink products from over 80 countries over the years.

What makes this particular evaluation process special and unique is the unparalleled density in quality of its jury. In no other circumstances is it possible to get direct feedback and product assessment from such a large number of Michelin starred chefs or national and world Sommelier champions.

The jury members work under strict procedural rules in a bid to guarantee total impartiality. They do not see packaging or get any information on the provenance of the product (company or region) to avoid any bias.   The objective is to make the level of the “tasting experience” the only deciding factor, avoid stereotypical judgment and put all producers, regardless of their financial capabilities, on a level playing field.

Products with a sufficiently high score receive an award, the Superior Taste Award. This can be used for promotion in the same way as others. But besides this “classical” benefit, the Institute also opens doors for expansion on a global scale. 

As a proud member of the judging panel and representative of the British judges, I am aiming to introduce the awards scheme to that of British food and Beverage producers and industry , as every year I am seeing global food companies taking advantage of this award and seeing many of these food producers increasing European and global export sales as a result.
Needless to say in a very competitive global market and under the challenging economic situation, I feel that we need all the help we can possibly get , and the iTQi is an ideal way of reaching out into the global export market with a valuable and recognised international award, not only by exposing the brand but also highlighting it`s approved quality to global buyers and consumers alike.

Should this be of interest and you would like further details, please do not hesitate to call or drop me a line. 
UK + 44 (0 ) 1386 830299

Kind regards Alan Coxon  International Taste & Quality Institute - iTQi
Birmingham to Bombay now showing on Indian TV - 04/01/13
From Birmingham to Bombay is now being screened every day on Indian TV History Channel at 2.00 pm  
UK transmission dates to be announced soon.
This website has attracted over 372,116 visitors - 03/12/12
Delighted that my website has now attracted 372,116 visitors as up to December 2012.
Many thanks to all that have taken time to visit.