Classic Blancmange

Preparation Time: 30 mins approx
Notes:   Blancmange Blancmange in my opinion is one of the earliest desserts created and one of the most influential in history. I tracked this dessert back to the Romans who used a whole chicken for the gelatine. The chicken also had to be killed and cooked within 1 hour for this process to work fully. I had the pleasure of trying this dessert in Turkey, where the original recipe is still used today. This recipe spread to Britain around the middle ages  as a potage of finely shredded chicken, rice and almond milk. The Elizabethans added rose water then eventualy revolutionising the dish by omitting the chicken and replacing it with thick cream and egg. In the 19th century arrowroot or cornflour was added . Here is the Victorian version for you to try.  

  Prep time 20 -30 mins 
 Infusing time 1 hour 

 Setting time 4 hours

 Fine zest of 1 lemon

 275ml Milk ( ½ pint)

 20g (1/4oz) powdered gelatine

 50g (2oz) Castor sugar 

 275ml (1/2pt) single cream 

 50g (2oz) ground almonds 

 3 tblsp Brandy

Place the milk and lemon rind into a saucepan, cover and heat gently for 40 mins ( do not allow to boil)

Strain the milk and dissolve the gelatine in a little of it. 

Add the dissolved gelatine and milk solution to the sugar and stir until dissolved 

Add the cream and almonds and stir into the milk , before adding the brandy .

Pour the mix into a mould , place into the refrigerator and leave to set. Serve .
Serves: 4-6
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