Sugar Balls

Preparation Time: 10 mins approx

I  Use approx. 25g of Isomalt and melt in a heavy base pan Once melted I carefully add 10 g of castor sugar and give a quick stir, put back on heat for one minute or until slightly golden in colour

I then carefully pour the hot mixture into the bottom half of the silicon mould and once again being very careful, place the top half of the silicon lid over the base. Once secure, gently and evenly distribute the hot sugar mix all the way around the ball, removing any excess from the hole in the top. Place aside and leave to cool (approx. 15 mins).

  1. Please note that you do not have to add sugar to the isomalt for this to work, in fact it is easier to work with it if it does not contain sugar, however I find that when sugar is added it gives flavour as well as a caramel colour.   

Isomalt is available form


Silicone balls are avilable from 
Serves: 1
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