Alan`s Piccalilli

Preparation Time: 15 mins approx
Notes: Roman vinegar adds a very special flavour, it is available by the bottle via 
However we are doing a very special offer for 5ltr plastic containers of 6 years aged Roman vinegar at only £29.95 +p&p (perfect for the catering and hospitality industries and for keen picklers looking for quality and a point of difference. e-mail or call 01386 830299 to order.


500g ( 1lb) Pickling Onions ( peeled)
500g ( 1lb) Cauliflower florets

500g (1lb) de-seeded cucumber

500g (1lb) topped and tailed French beans

90g (3oz)Coarse rock salt

750ml (1 1/4 pt )Roman Vinegar

1tbsp ground ginger

1 tbsp ( whole) yellow mustard seeds  

2 cloves garlic (chopped)

175g (60z) Light Brown muscovado sugar

2 tbsp cornflour ( mixed with a little cold water to dissolve).

1/Place roman vinegar and sugar into a large heavy based saucepan sugar and stir until the sugar has dissolved.

 2/Bring to the boil and with the exception of the cornflour add all the remaining ingredients.

 3/Cook gently until all the vegetables are cooked then add the cornflour and bring back to the boil.

 4/Prepare jam jars by sterilising.

 5/When the piccalilli veg are soft and the liquid is slightly thickened remove from the heat stir to ensure a good mix of veg and pour the piccalilli into the prepared jars.

 6/Seal immediately and leave to cool before placing into a cool dark cupboard.

7/The Piccalilli is best left for a minimum of two weeks before using. 

Serves: many !
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