Original White Soup recipe from around the time of Jane Austin

Preparation Time: 15 mins approx
Notes: White Soup:   A dish that dates back centuries accredit to the French and called Potage a la Rein (Queens Soup) but adapted in the UK around 1813 and called White Soup

2½ points of veal or light beef stock. 
2oz blanched almonds 

10z white bread, weighed without crusts 

1 fresh organic free range egg yolk 

¼ pint each double and soured cream or milk 

Salt, pepper, 

Lemon juice,

Cayenne pepper 

2 oz toasted or fried almonds to garnish.

 Serves 6   

To make the soup, 
Put the almonds and bread into a blender, add some of the stock and liquidize to a smooth paste. 

Using a sieve, strain into the remaining stock, pushing through as much as you can.

Beat the egg yolk with the creams or cream and milk and add to the soup. 

If possible leave for an hour or two; this will improve and mellow the flavour. 

Reheat, keeping the soup well below boiling point so as not to curdle the egg. Add salt, pepper, lemon juice and Cayenne pepper to taste and bring out the flavour. 

Serve garnished with almonds.  
Serves: 6
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