Devilled Chicken as per Dr Kitchener recipe 1815- 1817

Preparation Time: 20 mins approx
Notes: (dated around 1815, and a recipe by Dr Kitchener in his cooks oracle printed 1817

  4 portions
 4 chicken breasts (Allow 1 breast per person) Season with salt and pepper

  For the sauce 4oz Butter 

1 tbls English mustard powder

2 tblsp stale breadcrumbs

1 tblsp Worcester sauce 

1 tblsp sweet mango chutney


 Cayenne pepper.  



1/Place the seasoned chicken breasts onto a deep saute pan and brush with melted butter 2/Place under a hot pre-heated grill and part cook until golden   To make the sauce   1/ Pace the butter, mustard, breadcrumbs, Worcester sauce, and chutney into a bowl and blend
2/Once smooth add salt and cayenne to taste. 

3/Spread  and pour the sauce all over the partly cooked chicken breasts, turn the heat down or place into a low pre-heated oven (140 dgr) and continue to cook all the way through and until the chicken are sticky and brown. 4/When ready serve with rice and pour over the remaining sauce from the pan.    
Serves: 4
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