Preparation Time: 30 -50 mins
Notes: perfect for canapes

  Panipui makes approx.24 ( allowing approx 6 per portion) 

250g Semolina 

 60 ml oil 

 180 ml Hot Water 

 Oil for deep frying  

For the filling

 Fresh garden Mint 15g g

 fresh coriander 

2 red chillies 

2 green chillies 

½ tsp Sea Salt 

¼ tsp Asafoetida

 ½ tsp Cumin 

30 ml Water 

Juice of 1 lemon and then an additional 400 ml water 

300 ml tamarind pulp 

40 g white castor sugar   

For the solid filling  

 250 g Potatoes (boiled and diced) 

20 g Chaat Massala 

200g peas (Cooked) 1 small onion diced 6 sprigs fresh coriander 

Salt to taste. 



1/ Place the dry ingredients into a pan and gently add the water mixing all the ingredients together. 

2/ Work all the ingredients for approx. 15mins until a smooth dough  

 3/ Rest for five mins then roll very thinly into small round circles. 

4/ Heat the oil then add the dough discs pressing the dough down submerged into the oil until they puff up and become crispy. 

5/ When ready remove with a perforated spoon and place onto a little kitchen paper to dry and cool.  


1/ For the liquid filling place all the ingredients together and carefully blend. Leave to infuse overnight then pass through a fine sieve before pouring into a jug ready for serving. 

2/ carefully brake or cut out a whole in the top of the crispy semolina shells and place a little of the solid potato and pea mix into the centre. 

3/ At the very last minute pour the liquid into the shells and pop into the mouth for a flavour explosion!.      
Serves: approx 6
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