Alan Coxon's Roman Range

The Roman Vinaigre (TM)


My research and influences for the Roman Vinaigre has derived from three of Ancient Rome's greatest gastronomes.

All three were named Apicious and lived during the rise of Julius and Augustus Caesar, Emperors Tiberius and Trajan. Needless to say, by the end of the first century AD the name Apicious had become a symbol of wealth and all of the good things in life.


This Vinaigre was made using quality wine, brewed naturally and then infused with some of Ancient Rome's favourite spices.

Look out for warming flavours such as cinnamon, hints of camomile and a touch of peppercorn, sweetened by one of the oldest sugars known to man, honey - a favourite and much used ingredient in the Roman period. This Roman vinaigre is warming both on the palate and the nose. It oozes herbs and spices, fruit and floral undertones.


The Roman Vinaigre has proven a firm favourite to the gastronomes with 4 out of 5 French Michelin star chefs selecting this in blind tastings.
It is well rounded and has a classic feel.

Use in place of any herb infused vinegars
It is ideal as a salad dressing
As a marinade for chicken and seafood
Perfect in butter and egg based sauces such as hollandaise, béarnaise etc..
Reduce to a syrupy glace to serve with Ice cream
Reduce and drizzle serving with Pate, or pork/meat terrine
Make a toffee
Add to poaching or steaming liquor
Add instead of salt to season food for a healthy seasoning  
Use for preserves or pickles
use in salsa
mayonnaise, the list is endless

Eat like an Emperor, enjoy.

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